Large 17 inch latex balloons 50 count with self sealing valves installed make setting up for any event easy.

Simply place unfilled balloon on rubber nipple of helium tand, fill and pull the attached string. NO need to tie the balloon or attach a string!
** Red Color is close to Target/Coke Color
These 17” balloons are quality controlled for superior endurance. We start with the highest quality raw materials and then get them manufactured to our exact specifications for superior strength and longevity.
Helium Quality Giant Latex balloons are by Cloud Buster Balloons and come in different colors to suit your needs.
  These balloons are:
  • 17” large
  • Self-Sealing Valves Pre-Installed
  • Packed in 50 count bags
  • Treated to keep their shape and slow aging
  • Made of all natural rubber
  • Non Toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Easy to use and maintainCheck out our other great products to help promote your event!



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