Your brand new Advertising Balloon needs to be handled appropriately. You can off set any problems by preparing in advance to fill your balloon properly. Prepping to fill your Giant Balloon is easy and strait-forward, and it will save you headaches in the long run.

Step 1

Wash your hands, removing grease and dirt. This will help your giant ballon from getting retarded by contaminates.

Move any sharp objects away from where you will be filling your giant balloon.

Step 2:

Take the “tongue” of the balloon and open up slightly to insert the nipple of the helium tank or other method of filling. If you want a better seal twist the tongue slightly on the nipple to give a better seal around it. Make sure to have the “blowing” or “tip” part of the nipple blockage free inside the balloon. Then begin gently filling the balloon. As it gets larger make sure to have help to keep the balloon away from sharp obstacles.

Step 3 :

Ziptie the base of the balloon with your provided Zipties. THEN, Twist the neck of the giant balloon and fold it back on itself making a loop.

Step 4:

Ziptie the loop at the base of the balloon tightly. Make sure to not pull the latex material through the latch system of the Ziptie. The loop will be needed for affixing your streamer/string or other tethering device.

Step 5:

Pull the streamer end (or other tethering device, i.e.- twine, string, etc.) through loop and tie streamer to itself, tightly. You’re done!

Step 6:

The finished product should be taken care of in extreme temperatures or other environmental conditions. But you WILL be able to see this balloon for far away, we guarantee your satisfaction.