One Giant Balloon Red Seven Foot Balloon from Cloud Buster Balloons is made form the finest latex in the world these advertising balloons will keep your event big and bright. Made form latex and inhibitors to make them strong and durable.

** Red Color is very close to Target Red Color — Unlike other brands we do our best to match National brands color to leverage customers buying colors.

This Giant Balloon will sure to get attention to your event. At 7 feet large and Red it will definitely do that. Cloud Buster Balloons has been helping raise the bar of advertising balloons and getting attention to your event, and they’re now more affordable than ever.

We GUARANTEE our balloons free of defects. Yes and these are Cloud Buster Balloons, the real thing. Stop buying those cheap 5’ and 6’ balloons and get these giant balloons for less!

These advertising balloons are:

  • Pigment dyed for maximum color staying power
  • Treated to help slow latex aging
  • Non Toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Made with natural rubber



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