Shipping Giant Balloons

Inexpensive shipping and fast delivery is our motto. 3 balloons and 3 streamers ship for only $14.95! We don’t stop there, as soon as we get your order we get your package out in less than 48 hours. We ship all major carriers so you can get your balloons FAST! You should receive your order in 3-5 business days from the date they are shipped. Do you need overnight shipping? Orders need to be received BEFORE 10AM Pacific Standard Time in order to be sent out same-day.

How do I get the most flying time out of my Giant Balloons?

Flying time will vary depending on inflation size, temperature, humidity (rain) and other atmospheric conditions. Ideally the balloons do well in 55-75 degree weather. If you are able to, bring your balloons indoors in the evening and bad weather like wind & rain. Often you’ll get 3-5 days out of your Cloud Buster Balloon. Some of our clients will put some fresh helium in the balloon and fly it for another 3-5 days. Also if a human will melt out in the extreme heat of the day, chances are very good your balloon will also melt in the sweltering sun at 80º+. If your balloon is in the heat, make sure to under-fill you balloon so it can expand.

How Long do they Last?

Everyone’s conditions are different. But, you should expect the balloon to last 3+ days and have a flying time of 3-5 days, when filled with helium, in mild weather. Obviously if it’s 90+ degrees outside, we would melt, let alone a latex balloon. So use your best judgement on whether conditions outside are too extreme. Remember to fill it a little smaller so it has room to expand if it’s hot out.

Can I fill the Advertising Balloons to 4 or 5 Feet instead of 7?

Absolutely! Another beautiful thing is that these also give you option to have giant balloons at 7 feet or big balloons at 5 feet! The balloon will still fly great even with less helium!

Can I fill the Big Balloons with just air?

A standard leaf blower can be used to fill the balloon with just air.
A standard leaf blower can be used to fill the balloon with just air.

Yes! You can fill it with just air.The best way to fill it with just air is to use a standard leaf blower or the “exhaust port” of a “shopvac” brand vacuum! On certain models the hose fits onto the exhaust port of the unit making it “blow” air, instead of “sucking” air.

The balloon “tongue” on our advertising balloons is 4.5 inches wide which is wide enough for many leaf blowers and ShopVac vacuums.

Do you change tax if I'm a Non-Profit or Government entity?

We don’t charge tax for any order outside Washington state. So if you are a non-profit outside of Washington State, your order will not include tax. If you are a non-profit in Washington state, we will refund you for any tax on your order.

Do you offer Imprinting (Printing) on the Balloons?

Sorry, we no longer offer this service because of 2 factors

    • When the balloon gets to be it’s final size the message and or logos “Washout” and are not clearly visible.
    • When the balloon is fully inflated the on a pennant flag 50 to 100 feet in the air you cannot see any impression on the balloon.

Without air, How big is the Balloon?

The form factor of the balloon “un-inflated” is approximately 16″ wide by 24.5″ high including the “tongue” of the balloon. The thickness of an un-inflated balloon is about .25″. Click on a product and you will see in the image section photos of what the un-inflated balloons look like.

What is your return policy?

Your satifaction is guaranteed. We check your order when you receive it to make sure it’s correct, and examine all the balloons to make sure they are not defective. We double check your order and balloons before we send them out but in rare occasions we have missed one. Just let us know about your situation via Contact Us or call us. Please note returns and exchanges MUST be preauthorized before you send us your order back.

How do I get Helium tanks for the 7 foot Balloons?

Helium tanks can be rented from welding supply shops, party supply shops and sometimes from your local hardware store. These stores are normally listed in your local area. Many sizes of tanks are available and often have delivery services.

How much Helium will fit into A 7' Cloud Buster Balloon?

If you like life on the wild side and want to fill the balloon to it’s capacity it would take 120cu. ft. However most people use about 65cu. ft. and fill to 5′ makes the wall of the balloon thicker than a normal 5′ balloon because of it’s full size being larger.

Where should Cloud Buster Balloons be stored?

All latex balloons should be kept in a cool, dry place, away from light and away from extreme temperatures.

What are your Disclaimers?

It’s very simple.

We are not liable for any injury, property damage or monetary damage that anything in this store (balloons, streamers, etc.) may cause anyone, anything. By purchasing these balloons you agree to this disclaimer. Do not use these near power lines, on moving cars, on people, etc. Do not use these balloons for anything other than their intended use. Refunds will be give for defective balloons only. No other returns are accepted as we cannot guarantee the quality of the material after it leaves our site.