One Big Balloon – This White 3 foot balloon will help your event go from ordinary to extraordinary fast. Often used for advertising balloons and also used for weddings, these balloons are versatile.Made form latex and inhibitors to make them strong and durable.This Large Balloon is designed to get attention. The 3 foot size is idea for many applications. Like Weddings, Events, open houses, and more. You’ll love how easy it is to fill tie off and take care of. Designed to resist heat, wind drag and last long, this big balloon is ready to go. It ben comes with a zip tie to help you close it off.

We GUARANTEE our balloons free of defects. Yes and these are Cloud Buster Balloons, the real thing. Stop buying those cheap 5’ and 6’ balloons and get these giant balloons for less!

These advertising balloons are:

  • Pigment dyed for maximum color staying power
  • Treated to help slow latex aging
  • Non Toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Made with natural rubber



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  1. May 30 2018 at 6:12 AM

    Color of balloon very nice………

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